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Little Box of Pixie Dust

Take a visit and you will easily see that I have a soft spot for cute and adorable things!

Also I love crafting, in the most varied techniques, making things is my jam :D To see these amazing pieces coming to the world directly from my hands... just makes me happy!

Handmaking with love and care, makes my heart smile! I hope to share it with you!

Get to know my Little Box

Little Box of Pixie Dust

You can find inspiration on my blog, be the owner of a Handmade With Pirlimpimpim item or visit Portugal and learn a new technique on my Workshops!

O Blog

"Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim" it's the portuguese for "My Little Box of Pixie Dust" and it started on Blogspot, back in 2008. It's where I've been sharing my works, thoughts and some laughs too :) with followers from all around the globe.

Online Store

* Coming soon *

It's under construction rigth now, it will be available in the next days! Meanwhile, you can also find me on Etsy or send your order by email!


Because I enjoy teaching and sharing what I've learned over the years, in 2012 I started my craft classes. Everyone can learn and create their own pieces! Upcoming events are posted on Facebook.

Workshops da Caixinha

If you are in Portugal, you can also join us and have some fun learning a new craft!


A traditional art emerges today with a modern look, colorful and fun! Get to know the materials and tools used, terminology, how to read diagrams, and how to make 8 different stitches.


Have fun with this Japanese crochet technique to create 3D figures. Come learn how to start a piece, shape and finish it. At the end of this class, you'll be able to follow any pattern!

Needle Felting

Looks difficult? Trust me, it's not! Come and join this class, you'll see how easily you give life to the cutest fairy with your own hands!

Cross Stitch

You can stitch an adorable design or the most realistic picture! Learn how to make a beautiful cross stitch with the perfect finish!

EVA dolls

Hard to resist these cuties! Learn how to make your own! Some tools are required for this class, you will receive all the information when you sign up.


Create original gifts or renew your old pieces! Come and decorate a little box of wood. With a simple napkin and some paints, watch how magic happens!

Get to know some of my work.

Amigurumi, Crochet, EVA, Needle Felting, Decoupage, Cross Stitch

Amigurumi Anjinho

Have me make something for you.

All questions and doubts are welcome, don't hesitate!

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